17.10.2021 16 Uhr

„Self Correction. Corona Feeling.“

Live-Performance via Zoom online und in der Galerie gestreamt

Beteiligte Künstler:innen:

James King (Derry), Caroline Murphy (Derry), Elaine McGinn (Belfast), Jagoda Kiciak (Warsaw), Keike Twisselmann (Berlin), Sinéad Bhreathnach-Cashell (Belfas), Calum Eccleston (Lancaster), Nina Quigley (Donegal), Fran Burns (Dublin), Fausto Grossi (Bilbao), Irmgard Himstedt (Cologne)

Worlds apart together individuals collectively create variety.
The artists will make simultaneous, largely spontaneous solo performances.
They will each do their own thing, whilst listening to and watching each other. Most performers will express ideas through materials and visual imagery. It is interesting to observe the unplanned synchronicities which occur. Recently there has been an emphasis upon vocalisation: abstract sounds and spoken words interweaving intuitive thoughts.

Foto: Bbeyond

Although based in Belfast, Bbeyond draws its membership from all of Ireland. A salient feature of the collective’s performance art practice has been monthly group improvisation performances, in a variety of mainly outdoor locations. Bbeyond’s ethos embraces interactive spontaneity and positive goodwill towards each other and the social community. Since Covid there have been weekly zoom group happenings, involving people from Europe and England. Participants create simultaneous, often spontaneous, solo performances.