Míriam Ruisseau

„la boucle serrée/le dernier amour – the tight loop/it’s too late, baby, it’s too late”

Foto-Serie, 2020

„During the first confinement, in 2020, I was in Paris, in a tiny apartment, with no view and no balcony. I could hardly consider any outside projects with only one hour of clearance. I went out at nightfall, telling myself that there would be fewer controls, that I could therefore go beyond the authorized time, putting no one in danger since Paris was deserted, except for a few homeless people in despair. And inspiration returned. I looked around the city as I had never looked before, slowly. I wandered in a frozen space-time. I never met any policemen, except once, from distance. They must not have seen me or thought I was a zombie, I don’t know.

Still, little by little I decided to go deeper into this work, which was becoming a real project, which I had just initiated in order not to waste my time. I respected, as a chosen artistic constraint, the limit of the allowed mileage.Thus, I went from no desire to photograph —and this for the first time in my life as an artist— to a kind of urgency. I met some ghosts and tamed them. In the end it was a question of rendering a mental landscape.“

Míriam Ruisseau, Paris 2020

Ruisseau, geboren 1975 in Paris, mit bürgerlichem Namen Rousseau begann 1986 mit der Fotografie. Heute ist sie Ikonographin und Bildredakteuerin für das Monatsmagazin GEO.